High CBD Seeds – Feminized

Plants reproduce either asexually (single-celled organisms) or sexually (those that require both male and female genetics to produce offspring). Feminized seeds are made from the “fertilized” seeds of the parent plants. Advances in high CBD seed production, breeders manipulate mature female plants into producing seeds without any males plants. Male hemp “flowering” plants do not produce the higher numbers of CBD, or other cannabinoids, that fully ripe female flowers produce. Removing the male chromosomes allows for feminized CBD seeds.

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The vast majority of CBD hemp farmers use feminized CBD seed or clones from pheno hunted CBD mother plants.

Breeding feminized hemp seed is known as masculinization. This would be the practice of using specialized solutions of colloidal silver or silver thiosulphate to stress female flowering plants (early stages) into producing feminized seeds. Note that after treating plants with either of these solutions, the plants, themselves, are no longer fit for consumption. These compounds are used to force the host plant to produce the feminized seeds. Once the seeds are harvested, discard the “mother plants”.

Having males in the field will also produce pollen, which will then fertilize the maturing female CBD flower, in turn seeding them out. Seeded flowers are undesirable and contain much less cannabinoid, resin and CBD content. Un-stable genetics has been a huge issue for hemp farmers the past few years. Across all the acreage grown in the US the past few years, more times than not there were problems in the field due to unstable genetics. We have heard cases of farmers being sold what they thought were feminized seeds, but in actuality they were regular seeds.

There are some that still use regular seed for biomass production due to the much cheaper cost.

Farming feminized CBD seeds allows for a faster processing time by not having to shake out the seed form biomass. The entire flower/biomass can be cured and sold or sent to an extraction facility for creating crude oil. Besides the stalks and branches, the whole plant is eligible for top-of-the-market pricing with no biomass lost due to seed removal.

When you run the numbers, feminized CBD seeds are worth the upfront investment.

Essentially, when you grow feminized hemp seeds your costs will be higher upfront, but your return will be higher.

BaOx feminized seed are from an inbred-line of Hindu-Kush and the Otto II. Our feminized seed has been back-crossed and stabilized for high-CBD expression ,fast flowering time and a short, dense structure. Our BaOx feminized seeds are fast growing, vigorous, uniform in height and breeds true for the high-CBD chemotype. BaOx makes for a great biomass strain due to its hardiness and resilience in the field. The plants are vigorous and can be quite large. Flowering is complete outdoors around 70 days. Grown in CO, flowers typically reach their peak resin content in late September to early October.

Developed by our farmers, the “Cherry” strain’s feminized seeds are a cross with BaOx and a traditional Cherry chemotype. Cherry’s feminized seeds produce manageable bushy plants with tall colas much like the BaOx. The wonderful thing about these feminized cherry seeds are they bring the manageability of the BaOx strain in the field with a wonderful terpene profile of the Cherry strain. Because we bred these feminized seeds in-house, you can offer a unique flower or crude oil. Many farmers are purchasing these seeds for trimmed flower due to the robust terpene profile.

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