CBG Hemp Clones

Cannabigerol, or CBG, is another non-psychoactive cannabinoid along with CBD. CBG is a major cannabinoid that’s currently being studied for its potential pharmacological properties. CBG is the newest product on the market and our wholesale and retail CBG products partners have seen a large demand for both bulk and CBG based consumer products.

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CBG will be the next wave post the CBD craze. CBG has enormous medicinal benefits and we are already seeing a huge demand for CBG clones.

We define high CBG genetics as anything over 10% in total Cannabidiol. All of our CBG seeds seedlings and clones contain other lower trace minors such as (but not guaranteed or limited to) CBN, CBC, CBD and CBDA. There will be .3% or less THC in your final product, but as always we encourage you to harvest your CBG crop a little early. Our genetics are terpene rich and ideal for trimmed CBG flower or high quality biomass. A great starting genetic will always produce a superior crude oil and distillate.

Our premium wholesale high CBG hemp clones are independent, third-party lab tested for CBG, CBD and THC potency. We not only provide you the CBG clones, we can also advise you on everything from growing to maturity all the way to the harvest. Our CBG clone partners/customers range from beginner CBD hemp farmers to seasoned hemp farmers with hundreds of acres under contract. Our motto is if you succeed, we succeed. Providing support along the entire process makes us feel like part of your team. There aren’t a lot of folks currently offering quality CBG hemp genetics. Trust in us to form a true partnership built on trust, quality and longevity. These are clones that we use in our farms, feeding multi-million dollar hemp extraction facilities, so we aren’t taking any risks on inferior CBG genetics. You can see images of our labs and farms here on this site.

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