CBD Hemp Seedlings

Providing hemp farmers stable, pest free, high-CBD feminized hemp seedlings with over 99% female to male ratios. All of our seedlings and transplants are non-psychoactive containing less than 0.3% THC and are started from the same high CBD feminized seed we sell and use ourselves. The simple advantage to buying CBD seedlings opposed to CBD clones is price.

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The Same Genetics As Our High CBD Hemp Clones In Seedlings

CBD hemp farmers know that input costs from preparation to harvest is all that matters when choosing among “liners” or plug starts for mechanical transplanting, this is no different in hemp farming. We will start your CBD seeds for you, delivering the plants sprouted and rooted. We shoot for our CBD seedlings to have 4-6 inch tap roots and can withstand the rigors of large scale transplanting.

High CBD Seedlings Can Be A Better Value Than Clones

Our CBD cultivars are hand-picked over years of growing out different strains. We’ve handled all of the field- testing, lab testing and economic trials, all of which can sometimes be overlooked by folks buying CBD seedlings and clones. We kindly ask our customers to consider what has gone into these CBD seedlings and clones the previous 5 years. Lots of trials, tribulations and costs in order to dial in the best options for you. We’ve concluded that feminized seedlings have a great price-to-performance ratio when choosing high CBD starts for your farm. That and some farmers that have transitioned into CBD and hemp are used to buying in seedlings rather than plant clones. Cloning hemp plants for acres of production can be difficult for scaling up. Key limitations are:

  • CBD clones are more expensive than CBD seedlings
  • CBD clones are more labor intensive
  • CBD Seedlings have a tap root and tend to grow more vigorously
  • CBD Seedlings are less susceptible to transplant shock and are more drought tolerant

Our early season CBD seedlings are grown to go straight into the grown, maybe a stopover under a hoop for a few days – a week in order to acclimate to your climate. Hemp plants are typically rugged, especially our cultivars. They are designed to handle the elements, many have survived a LIGHT early frost (thats not a guarantee here). Some of our CBD seedlings/genetics have a shorter growing season and will tend to be more compact and uniform making them a great candidate for early harvesting to spread out crew labor. In particular the BaOx strain.

99% Feminized Hemp Seedlings, Member Guaranteed

These are some of the differences between purchasing CBD seedlings versus CBD clones. We always encourage you to reach out and have a discussion with our experts. We are here to ensure your success. Let’s have a conversation.

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