We Not Only Provide You With The Best High CBD Seed & Clones, We Help You Grow.

Our CBD market is global. We want to wholesale you our high CBD hemp seed & clones at the most competitive pricing anywhere. We understand what it takes to bring cultivate dozens to hundreds of acres of CBD hemp biomass & flower.. Purchasing hemp seed & clone at the beginning of every hemp season is one of the most important decisions and critical components to a successful harvest. Farming ain’t easy. Not only are we going to give you some of the best seed on the market at prices you will not find anywhere else, we also want to help you maximize your outputs.

Our CBD seed & clone strains have gone through rigorous research & development on various farms all over the country. Part of our research includes trying to choose mother plants with the best cannabinoid, terpene & yield expressions from thousands of plants in the field. We are looking for/tagging prospective genetically superior cultivars that pack on weight, are mold & botrytis resistant, produce resin and can withstand the elements. We then send seed stock from these parents for genomic testing at certified labs. Through our breeder partner’s feminized seed production procedures we aim to produce CBD cultivars rich in phytocannabinoids including CBD, CBDV, CBD, CBGV, CBCV, CBG, CBC. If you’d like us to be, we are in this with you from seed to harvest.

If you ever have questions on growing, harvesting or selling your biomass & flower PLEASE reach out. Over the years we have worked with people in the CBD hemp industry throughout the world, our connections run deep. We need you to have the best experience farming this amazing plant, and that includes profitability. When you make money we make money, simple as that. We need repeat CBD customers in order to sustain our business. If you succeed, we succeed. We produce seed & clones year round, both indoors and out. Most of our work is done in-house, but over the past year we have brought on trusted outside breeders & cloning nurseries to help us meet our demand. We sold out of all our high CBD seed & clone rather quickly last year, so we’re gearing up in the years to come to meet the global demand for high CBD hemp genetics.

Our Story

Over the past few years, our partner CBD geneticists & nurseries have been creating high CBD hemp seed. Many of these are well known CBD strains. We focus on hearty, proven genetics that can withstand what mother nature throws at them. We’ve been selecting specific cultivars from breeders & hemp nurseries around the country to use as breeding stock based on their phenotypical traits. We are able to offer you CBD seed & clones at a discounted rate due to our large buying power. It’s been our experience that all of our genetics have done well throughout the United States. More recently we have been focusing on dialing in new high CBD cultivars based on temperature hardiness zones. For this, we’ve been consulting with hemp farmers and breeders in their respective growing regions. The result is the ability to customize and consult your seed order on what your farming goals are.

There are two primary reasons to grow high CBD hemp, biomass and flower. For biomass we want our Farmers to maximize their poundage per acre with as little rot and mold as possible. For cut flower it’s the same idea, but with different high CBD cultivars. Our flower farmers are looking for high CBD, no bud rot, terpene rich, resin coated beautifully manicured flowers. Our team of highly experienced hemp farmers can help you make the best decision for your business goals. Agriculture is not easy, and this is going to be a large investment of both money and time. Transparency, documentation, experience and customer service are the pillars of our business. If you succeed we succeed.

We have two goals.

First we need to supply you with the best wholesale high CBD seed available at pricing that farmers can afford. We understand farming because we are farmers. CBD seed is very expensive to scale and frightens many farmers from even starting. We want to eliminate that barrier to entry.
Second we would like to help you be more successful. We have done the work ourselves so we know what it takes. From popping seed or direct plant, to laying irrigation and cover crop. We’ve hand and machined harvested hundreds of collective acres, dried the biomass and sold it to extractors. Use our past failures and successes to your advantage.


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