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  • CBD Biomass Seed

    Our most cost effective seed for CBD biomass on a large scale would be our BaOx strain. BaOx was bred by Centennial Seeds and is a Sativa dominant hybrid high in CBD. BaOx grows vigorously and has a compact, short structure with high yields. Because of the short compact structure it’s a great high CBD hemp seed that packs on weight and is very manageable.BaOx contains high CBD:THC ratios while being rich in terpenes such as B-Myrcene and B-Caryophyllene.

  • CBD Hemp Clones

    We define high CBD genetics as anything over 10% in total Cannabidiol. All of our CBD seeds and clones contain other lower cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, trace THC, CBDA. Our genetics are terpene rich and ideal for trimmed flower or high quality biomass. A great starting genetic will produce a superior crude oil and distillate.

  • CBD Hemp Seedlings

    Providing hemp farmers stable, pest free, high-CBD feminized hemp seedlings with over 99% female to male ratios. All of our seedlings and transplants are non-psychoactive containing less than 0.3% THC and are started from the same high CBD feminized seed we sell and use ourselves. The simple advantage to buying CBD seedlings opposed to CBD clones is price.

  • CBG Hemp Clones

    Cannabigerol, or CBG, is another non-psychoactive cannabinoid along with CBD. CBG is a major cannabinoid that’s currently being studied for its potential pharmacological properties. CBG is the newest product on the market and our wholesale and retail CBG products partners have seen a large demand for both bulk and CBG based consumer products.

  • High CBD Seeds – Feminized

    Plants reproduce either asexually (single-celled organisms) or sexually (those that require both male and female genetics to produce offspring). Feminized seeds are made from the “fertilized” seeds of the parent plants. Advances in high CBD seed production, breeders manipulate mature female plants into producing seeds without any males plants. Male hemp “flowering” plants do not produce the higher numbers of CBD, or other cannabinoids, that fully ripe female flowers produce. Removing the male chromosomes allows for feminized CBD seeds.

Quality CBD seed, CBD clone & raw hemp material sales. No matter the hemp product, we have it.

We are hemp farmers, high CBD seed breeders, CBD clone producers, brokers and raw material wholesale distributors. At CSS we strive to supply CBD hemp farms with the best high CBD seed & clone curated from experienced breeders, known genetics and clone nurseries.

Whatever your CBD farming needs, you’ve come to the right place. Take advantage of our year’s of experience with CBD seed breeding partnerships, cloning and wholesaling raw material. Whether you need 100 CBD seeds for a homegrow or 10,000 CBD & CBG clones for your farm we got you covered.

We’re able to offer you CBD seed & clones at a discounted rate due to our large buying power. Whatever we don’t produce in house is supplied from our longstanding CBD industry partnerships. Our farmer partners & seed clients now spread world-wide as the demand for high CBD hemp seed & clones increases. Integrity, transparency & consultation is our company’s ethos. We understand hemp farming, we’ve been doing it ourselves for years. We have vast knowledge in the manufacture, sourcing and testing of CBD raw material such as CBD isolate, CBD crude oil and CBD distillate. Purchasing QUALITY CBD seed & clones is the first step to a successful harvest. Let us help you!

Our Objectives

Our primary objective is to supply hemp farmers throughout the world with proper high CBD seed & clones curated from experienced breeders and known genetics at an affordable rate. I think you will find our hemp seed & clones are at, usually below, market value. The reason being 2-fold. Firstly, there is no other seed or clone company out there with as much experience as us when it comes to farming and extraction. We understand the upfront costs involved in not only purchasing CBD seed or clones, but the entire hemp cultivation process. We’ve done it. Our GMP certified 20,000 sq. ft. extraction, packaging and storage facility in Colorado is state-of-the-art. Second, we feel the costs of CBD hemp seed and clones have been inflated. The bubble is over, it’s time to talk about economy of scale in farming.

Our second objective, if needed, is consulting you on CBD seed & clone selection based on your farming region, infrastructure, practices and budget. If you are in New England or the Pacific Northwest, we’ll line you up with high CBD seed or clone stock that can withstand harsh weather. If you plan on hemp farming along the equator, then we are going to direct you towards a high CBD cultivar that’s a more sativa leaning auto flower to withstand high heat, humidity, and a 12-12 photoperiod. We can’t stress enough the knowledge and experience we possess.

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