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We are hemp farmers, CBD seed breeders and raw material wholesale distributors striving to supply our farmers with the best high CBD seed curated from experienced breeders. Our farmer partners are spreading world-wide as the demand for high CBD hemp seed increases. Integrity, transparency & consultation is our company’s ethos. We understand what it is to farm, we’ve been doing it ourselves for years. Purchasing QUALITY CBD seed is the first step to a successful harvest. Let us help you!

Our Seeds

  • Surfin Kurt CBD Seeds

    Known for it’s high CBD, big swelling buds and cool funky haze aroma reminiscent of the Pacific west coast, Surfin Kurt is a must have for every hemp farmer!  This plant packs on the weight with a bush of dense buds and a rock hard appeal for oily trimmed flower.  The name Surfin Kurt was born one hazy early morning in Northern Maine when we spotted one of our farmers Tractor Surfing!  He was standing up, enjoying the cool morning air, cruising thru his field and surfing on his tractor.  The Hawaiian pineapple scent mixed with astringent funky berries and overall coolness of this cultivar made the name Surfin Kurt a perfect match for this strain.

  • Katahdin High CBD Strain Seeds

    This high cbd seed strain is known for impressive levels of CBD combined with it’s triumphant hardiness.  Katahdin is a mountain of success for a hemp plant.  Selected to be the winner out of thousands of other candidates, this high CBD strain lasted deep into October during our “heartiness” test. She was victorious for being the overall best plant for size, structure, quality and cold tolerance.  This high CBD cultivar was bred to withstand the elements and produce for our farmers in colder climates, the cold brings out deep purple hues.  The aroma is sweet and sour cherries with a hint of Sauvignon Blanc. All of our high CBD strain seeds are special, but Katahdin is very popular and for good reason.


  • Caribou Road CBD Hemp Seed

    Caribou Road is an early finishing high CBD hemp strain that is loaded with sweet and sour OG flavor. With sticky buds, the resin almost drips from this one! We selected this strain for its early finishing time. We called it Caribou Road for it was destined for The County, a northern farm region at the top of the State of Maine. This strain is perfect for the trimmed flower market with its terpene rich profile and dense bud structure. She’s tasty both in flavor and bag appeal!

Our Partners

Yes, we can provide you with reliable high CBD hemp seed but we are much more than that. Not all of our CBD farmer partners have experience with the entire supply chain from seed to biomass sale, even all the way to final product. The folks in our organization are breeders, farmers, raw material distributors, extractors, CBD product developers and retailers. We have been in cannabis and hemp for over 10 years, we understand farming, cannabinoids and sales. Our farmer partners often lean on us for advice on everything from planting, irrigation, harvesting, drying and final sales.
The Hemp Farm

Our Objectives

Our primary objective is to supply hemp farmers with proper high CBD seed curated from experienced breeders throughout the world. Our second objective, if needed, is consulting you on farming practices and seed selection based on the region of the world you’re growing. If you are in New England or the Pacific Northwest, we’ll line you up with high CBD seed stock that can withstand harsh weather. If you plan on hemp farming along the equator, then we are going to direct you towards a high CBD cultivar that’s a more sativa leaning auto flower to withstand high heat, humidity, and a 12-12 photoperiod.

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